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Shooters: Street Art , a platform that fosters the symbiotic relationships within the street art community brings artists and photographers together for shared experiences.  


Street artists and photographers are connected. Photographers capture artists elusive, often temporary pieces of art and share them with the world. Street art fans hunt down these works of art in order to capture photos and take part in the experience these paintings create. 


Whether it’s a selfie, a staged yoga pose or a candid shot of someone walking by, each photographer brings a unique and personal perspective to the art they’re documenting. With the advent of social media and platforms like Instagram, the community has grown exponentially.  

SHOOTERS:HUNT is a street art scavenger hunt that features the foremost wheat paste and stencil artists in the contemporary art scene.

HUNTers compete for a chance to win original art, apparel and the respect of their fellow Shooters!


Join us as we invite SHOOTERS from all walks of life and levels of experience to participate in our HUNTS. SHOOTERS:HUNT is a for a fun-filled, all-ages activation that connects the artists to the community that loves and supports the arts.

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